About Us

“VJzoo / Kat and Jasper are influential and internationally-respected VJs with a rare, synergistic mix of expertise in painting, photography, graphic arts, and live video performance” Paul Spinrad, author of The VJ Book

Jasper Cook and Kat Black met at Art School in 2003, and have collaborated creatively since first meeting.

We live in Perth, Western Australia. Yeah, it’s a long way from anywhere, so we’ve travelled a lot. So far, we’ve performed in Spain, France, the UK, Singapore, New Zealand, New York, San Francisco and around Australia. But we love to be home best of all 🙂

You can download our Art CV here (760kb pdf) and publicity pics here.

Kat and Jasper are both Professional Artist members of ArtSource and FORM.

You can find us at:

We’ve also run some events. The first was called Byte Me, in 2007. It rocked, but no-one came. Then there was Projections on High in Fremantle and The Beaux Arts Ball in 2011 and Leadlight Nights in Subiaco for Christmas 2012.

And yeah, we’re a couple 🙂

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If you want to phone us… we’re probably asleep or at a gig. Hence no number on the site. But we’ll try to answer your email in a timely fashion.