Public Art & Exhibition

In addition to live video performance, our practice also includes work for installation. This ranges from video art to interactive and integrated audiovisual work, as well as 2D and 3D works such as designs for floors, walls and lit sculpture.

While the range of media we work in is diverse and includes both digital and physical processes and end products, there are common themes within our work. The actual form of the work varies a great deal to suit the situation, but whatever artform it is expressed in, it’s very… VJzoo. Some of the common themes we use in our work are memory, the night and a sense of wonder.

We have worked exclusively as a duo since 2003, and before that time, Kat was a painter and studied film-making; Jasper studied photography – although we both do those things as part of our joint art practice now.

Our Art CV can be downloaded here (approx 1 meg .pdf)

Some of our previous work:


Location: Key City Worker Housing Project, 111-133 Goderich Street, East Perth
Client: City of Perth
Materials: Spun from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), internally lit with LED
Size: Four sculptures, each approximately 1.5m in diameter and 2.5m high
Budget: $107,000 ex-GST
Installed: June 2013 – see Press Release

This work is in the tradition of artists such as Jeff Koons and Florentijn Hofman in that they are based on childs’ toys at an incongruous scale, but inspired by the uniquely Australian vinyl night-lights of the 50’s-80’s by Combex and Netta.

I AM ART 2013

Location: Kidogo Art House, Fremantle and other locations – see
Client: Initially developed for the exhibition “Sculpture at Bathers 2013”
Materials: Concrete plinth and social media interaction on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Size: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm
Budget: None
Installed: March 2013

#iamart is a contemporary art project where online personas as projected in social media are interpreted as art, as distinct from being simply biographical records.


Location: Fairlanes Building Performing Arts Facility at 181 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth. Runs nightly 7-10pm
Client: Finbar
Materials: Video Art with integrated lighting and commissioned music
Size: Space approximately 25m x 25m, screen approx 6m x 2.5m
Budget: $120,000 ex-GST
Installed: 2012

This is permanently installed as nightly projection onto the marble façade of the Fairlanes Building on Adelaide Terrace, with integrated lighting and commissioned music. We collaborated closely with West Australian Ballet and others on this project, which consists of six 8-10 minute pieces. These are diverse in visual style and technique, but common themes have been considered.


Location: Amherst Village Community Centre, Cnr Warton Road and Holmes Street, Southern River
Client: City of Gosnells
Materials: Jet-cut Marmoleum flooring and vinyl wall-prints
Size: Space approximately 25m x 25m, works various sizes around 2m x 2m each
Budget: $50,000 ex-GST
Installed: 2009
Download Final Report (12 pages, 500kb) here.

The original EOI had specified that the artwork would be cut into the Marmoleum floor of the foyer, so we could use our digital art skills in preparation of the artwork, but the final result would be a fixed, 2D artwork. We ended up doing vinyl wall-prints in addition to the floor specified.

The building is used for a wide variety of community purposes, which was reflected in the artwork – all of which showed children and young people engaged in activities in the area, from a small girl dancing at a fair to a DJ playing a set and a teenage girl doing hip-hop.

Amherst Community Centre Public Art 8365

See Art CV  here (approx 1 meg .pdf) for more information regarding our earlier work.