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Broadly speaking, we make video art and we also VJ commercially. We like to call the two genres ARTY and PARTY. There's some crossover between the two.

Video Art: We predominantly produce works with sound artists for exhibition in galleries or screenings at Arts Festivals.

Commercial VJing: We are vintage dance film nerds. What we love love LOVE is making dancers from last century dance to a modern beat, so a lot of our content is harvested from our collection of 6000+ vintage films.

Of course, you can come up with your own theme and pay us to develop content to suit. It's a lot quicker and easier to use our existing content though. We spend a lot of time developing this stuff, and know it works well. Here are some themes we already have banks of digital content developed for:

  • Bollywood - Bhangra and vintage Indian movie footage
  • Jungle - can you hear the drums?
  • Vintage Horror - creepy old B&W movie footage
  • Vintage Babes - Kat's personal favourite :)
  • Hawaiian - hula girls for your Tiki cocktail party or Luau
  • Ski Bunnies - vintage fun in the snow, floating snowflakes etc
  • Under the Sea - Jellyfish, dolphins, tropical fish.
  • Mission to Mars - retro and modern space
  • Retro Romance - love scenes from vintage movies, old valentines etc (eg for weddings & engagement parties)
  • Robot Monsters From Space - flying saucers, gorilla suits & diving helmets. Z-grade movies from the 50's and vintage animation
  • Ambient - abstract visualisations
  • Mad Scientists - animation and vintage Sci Fi movies
  • Urban Edge - blurry trains, cityscapes, rain and light-trails
  • Disco Inferno - get on down
  • Retro-tech - machines of the future, as seen in the past
  • Superheroes - 1960's cult heroes - Spiderman, Ultraman, Green Hornet, Wonder Woman, Godzilla vs Gamera
  • Cocktail Hour - cheesecake babes, atomic chic. Mrrrow!

As you might have noticed, we really like retro / vintage material.

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook