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WD 500Gb USB portable drive
Dell XPS M1530 laptop
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The VJzoo.com Gig Rig

Click on each item for more detail.

This is a rough approximation of our typical rig layout that we take to gigs and the layout we use to perform. Each item is VERY roughly to scale.

Information for Venue Managers:

Don't be put off by the amount of equipment we bring to gigs! We're well organised and very efficient, as all previous venues and promoters we've dealt with can testify to. See our Events.

If you have projector/s) installed then all we need is:

Room for our own tables (about 3 metres is good, but we can squeeze into 2 metres or less if need be)

One power point. None of our equipment draws much power, compared to the audio & lighting people. Half of this stuff can run on battery, or is USB-powered.

Standard AV or sVideo connection to hook into projector. Let us know which, and if we need to bring any of our own cabling or adaptors (eg BNC).

We like to be well prepared, and really appreciate being able to bump in and set up VERY early. We don't charge for set-up time as we think it's essential to have everything working well before the event commences so that we can troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise.

If you do NOT have projector/s installed, we can hire them to you, from 2,000 - 12,000 lumens. See services.

As we are NOT riggers however, we will need to place the projector/s on a table or similar, unless you have your own qualified lighting rigger.

We can also bring lightweight screens. They're actually white seamless tarpaulins called "Genesis Tarps" that can even be hung from temporary non-wall-damaging hooks if required, as we've done in heritage-listed venues. They're thin enough to back-project onto, so you can play with multiple-projection in interesting way such as we did at the Fly by Night Club for a Loungerama event.


We REALLY appreciate being able to get a line-in from the audio desk, as we like to record the event to mini-DV tape for the purposes of quality control (not to use for anything public). We've found that musicians and venues often appreciate getting a DVD copy of this afterwards, as a record of the live event. If you're not comfortable with this, let us know and we won't record the audio, just our own visuals performance.

Generally, we only record the VJ-desk-out (ie, what's being projected), but if you want stage footage, we also have pro video equipment and can do that - although generally we're far more interested in VJing than filming what's going on onstage :)

Sony VPL-FX50 3500 lumens projector

If you're interested in booking us, see our Services page for rates and booking info.

Extra stuff that we have available if required for particular gigs, eg outdoor festivals, big multi-projector events etc:

  • Matrix switcher
  • Line Doubler
  • Pure Sine Wave Generator
  • AV switchers
  • DJ Desk from Loungerama.com

We have also been doing a lot of outdoor projection lately.

As long as you don't cause a danger to passing traffic etc, the generally held view is that it "isn't illegal".

If you're a VJ interested in Guerilla Projection, be careful not to wreck your precious equipment. A document explaining the difference between Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave from a friendly eBay dealer here in Australia:

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