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We use the web to find out how to be better VJ's, so are keen to share information with other VJ's as well.

Here's all our behind-the-scenes technical stuff, FYI:

We also uploaded the Painting with Light Handbook from our courses held in 2006 - it's probably the closest thing to a "How To VJ Manual" that's available for newbs. Hope it's of some help. It's linked off our main page as we have to move it when we go over bandwidth.

Here are some links you might like to check out:

A Brief History of VJing in Australia by Sean Healy (VJ Jean Poole)

VJ Central - THE centre of online VJ culture. Technical queries, reviews, discussion - it's all there.

Software VJ - compare all the major VJ softwares available. Awesome resource - so simple, and yet so useful.

There are more links on our Links Page. Funny that.

From an interview for ANAT (read the rest here)

VJ jean_pØØle from Melbourne: What do you think distinguishes today's push for an 'expanded cinema', from other pushes in decades just past?

fALk from Germany: Oh what a lovely question :) I think the VJs finally have the tools that are easy enough to use and offer such a great diversity that for the first time ever in history we can create moving images from our imagination "live". For example imagine Oskar Fischinger with tools like we have today and how much gorgeous content he might have produced with it and how he could have really redefined motion picture media. Now today everyone is in the position to be an Oskar Fischinger but what is still lacking is the content. If the VJs can put meaning into their visuals through whatever means I think we are on a new media platform that might stand next to Cinema and Television as the third option.

Jasper behind the desk. Note the cable-spaghetti under the desk, the bane of our life! Oh, for a truly wireless setup.

"VJing is a type of performance that combines the visual possibilities of filmmaking with the improvisational pleasures of jazz".... from The VJ Book: Inspirations and Practical Advice for Live Visuals Performance by Paul Spinrad, Jon Schwark

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