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Get Out More Often

Live mixed at Llama, and taking it to the streets.

This version of our showreel is from December 2009.

Ask us to send you a copy of the DVD showreel if your'e interested in booking us to VJ live at an event.

You can also still see our previous showreel Art School Dropouts from 2007.

There is more variety on our old reel - for example, it included pieces we'd done for installation in art galleries, collaborations with dancers, trashy Bollywood tracks etc. This new one is far more representative of what we currently do live, though.

Track 1 : Circus

Love this song, get very excitable mixing visuals to it at Llama Bar - I always call "MINE!" when it comes on, and elbow Jasper away from the mixer in case he tries to muscle in. (says Kat)

Mysto & Pizzi are an awesome pair of young producers from NYC. We don't know them personally, but their mixes are hot - check out their other tracks.

Clips used here are all from 1920's and 1930's circus-themed films, including the amazing Russian film Tsirk. If only the track were longer, there is so much more cool footage in our circus collection. Some of these films were very hard to get hold of, and it's great to show them to a whole new audience. Our friends who are circus performers have been amazed at some of the moves in these old flicks :)


Circus by Britney Spears, Electro Mix by Mysto & Pizzi;
Visuals by VJzoo Live@Llama

Track 2 : Shaky

Being fans of the original Fame movie and TV series, when DJ Reuben and DJ Tony Lopes started playing "Get Shaky" at Llama Bar, we thought it suited the Fame treatment :)

Jasper wasn't born when the movie came out in 1980, but Kat was starstruck (even auditioning for NIDA in 1984 at the age of 17). This mix is dedicated to Gene Anthony Ray - aka Leroy, who passed away from HIV complications in 2003; and to Debbie Allen, one of the original Fame teachers, choreographer and (squee!) Principal in the forthcoming 2009 version.


"Get Shaky" The Ian Carey Project; Visuals: Fame Remixed by VJzoo, Live@Llama

Track 3 : Sweet

Vintage ballet film mixed Live @ Llama Bar to the Eurythmics classic "Sweet Dreams" remix by Steve Angelo and Sebastian Ingrosso.


"Sweet Dreams" the Eurythmics; Visuals: VJzoo, Live@Llama

Track 4 :


Vintage babes doing expressive dances, mixed live by VJzoo at Llama Bar. Babes include Josephine Baker, Anna May Wong, Ninon Sevilla and many lovely, unknown movie-studio dancers from the 40's and 50's.



"That's Not My Name" The Ting Tings, Visuals: VJzoo, Live@Llama

 Track 5 :


Another great Yves Larock track gets the VJzoo treatment. The Royal Crown Cola TV Special from which the footage comes is famous for the first inter-racial kiss on US TV. Although it was really just an awkward peck on Nancy's cheek by Sammy. I think her Dad (and fellow Ratpacker) would have killed him if he'd given her a proper sexy kiss ;)


"Rise Up" by Yves Larock
Visuals: Nancy Sinatra Special remix by VJzoo Live@Llama

 Track 6 :


This is a typical example of VJzoo's "film nerd" style of VJing, live-mixing archival clips to house music using Resolume. This mix features robots, electricity and mad scientists.

Probably not really a good idea professionally speaking to give away our sources, but in the interest of assisting robot-lovers everywhere here goes: Bride of Frankenstein; Metropolis; Just Imagine; The Lost City serial; archival clip of the opening of the Chrysler Building; Robot Monster; Forbidden Planet; Lost in Space series; Santa Claus Conquers the Martians; Buck Rogers in the 21st Century series; Madam Satan; The Day the Earth Stood Still original version; First Spaceship on Venus; The Twilight Zone episode Mr Dingle the Strong; On the Avenue; Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet.

The track is a bootleg of Daft Punk's "Technologic" and Sydney Blu's "Give It Up For Me" by DJ Reuben Cameron, who we have the pleasure of working with most Saturday nights at Llama Bar in Perth, Western Australia.


"Give It Up For Technologic" Daft Punk, Sydney Blu Bootleg: DJ Reuben; Visuals: VJzoo, Live@Llama

 Track 7 :

Outdoor Projection - various

A compilation of street projection by VJzoo on buildings in Perth and Fremantle in late 2008. The audio is "Naughty Naughty Naughty" by Dan W Quinn (1917). Some of the projections are vintage footage, others are of the burlesque circus troupes Fliptease and Kimtortion.

Pics of our outdoor projection and some tech advice at Flickr.


VJzoo Street Projection Perth

 Track 8 :

Outdoor Projection - mobile

Footage from a variety of street and mobile projection we've done around Perth.

We actually got picked up by the police when we were doing the mobile projection at around 2am on a weeknight. We were worried they would think of something to book us for - but then they just checked my licence and said they wanted to check we weren't thieves, as we were "driving slowly and pointing a light into buildings" lol!

All content used was shot by us - thanks very much to Fliptease, Kimtortion, Sophie Ward, and participants in our unmonumental project at tiger, tiger coffee bar :)

Song is Helen "boop-boop-a-doo" Kane's song "Get Out And Get Under The Moon" from circa 1930.

VJzoo outdoor and mobile projection - Unmonumental & Projection on the Move

 Track 9 :

International Video Art Festivals - Canada

A dark, moody remix of two classic German Expressionist films, Der Golem (1920) and Faust (1926), exploring themes of seduction, corruption and redemption. This has been layered with our 'video painting' style, giving a sense of the film melting and burning reminiscent of Bill Morrison's Decasia but without the destruction of archival material ;)

Jasper VJzoo created the music in Ableton Live.

Mixed live and recorded for exhibition at z-axis in Saskatchewan, Canada in June 2009.

The Devil Made Me Do It - VJzoo

 Track 10 :

International Video Art Festivals - USA

EyeWash NYC (was also on previous reel)

Live Cinema utilises VJ tools to perform to a sit-down audience, usually in a theatre setting. Our first experience of this was on tour in Spain and the US. Very nice to get the audience and applause for a change!

Music: Various WA acts

VJzoo Eyewash New York

 Track 11 :

International Video Art Festivals - Spain

Lux06 - Sevilla (was also on previous reel)

On our 2006 tour of Spain and the US, we were very pleased to use all Western Australian music.

This venue was an awe-inspiring centureis-old church, now the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Music: Various WA acts

VJzoo Lux06 Sevilla

copyright all material 2005 - present kat black & jasper cook