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Art School Dropouts

"A no good pair of pixel punks causing mayhem with their hotrod machines, jiving to some wild crazy sounds".

This version of our showreel is from August 2007.

You can watch most of the tracks at low-res here, thanks to revver.com being SO much better quality than YouTube.

Ask us to send you a copy of the DVD showreel if your'e interested in booking us to VJ live at an event.

If you want to buy a copy for personal use, they may be for sale for $15 plus shipping. Details will be added when/if available.

Track 1 :

A Night in Kashmir

A dreamlike remix of archival Bollywood footage of traditional Indian village folk dances with music by Indian-Australian musician Balvinder Singh.

Music: Balvinder Singh (Australia)

Track 2 :

Sea of Rains

Filmed driving through the Fremantle docklands. Different treatment of quite similar footage to Views 1, this time a melting mass of bright, dissolving colours.

Electric Kora Land are also from Fremantle, and use a variety of traditional tribal and modern instruments.

Music: Electric Kora Land (Australia)


Track 3 :

Dancer Variations

Demonstration of how the same clip can look completely different with different effects.

The dancer is Ellen McCarthy and the music is by Perth ex-pat (now in London) Neil Innes.

Music: Neil Innes, We Are Four Sided (United Kingdom)


Track 4 :

Night Lights

Kat's collection of Australian vintage vinyl nightlights with urban night cityscapes of Sydney.

The track is Glitter Gulch by Audio Cephlon.

Music: Greg Lawrence, Audio Cephlon (Australia)

 Track 5 :

Views From A Moving Vehicle I

Filmed driving through the Fremantle docklands in 2004, this was our first attempt at 'painting with light', using freeframe-effects to make very everyday footage look soft and painterly.

Music: Benoit Cheritel, Mr Pil-Pili (France)

 Track 6 :

Get Naked

Given the importance of the nude as a genre in painting, it seemed a fitting subject for one of our first 'video paintings'.

Featuring dissolving glimpses of Bettie Page and other vintage strippers. BANNED on YouTube! I kid you not.

Music: Greg Lawrence, Audio Cephlon (Australia)

 Track 7 :

Chromium Decay

Vintage classics including the VJ-cliche of Metropolis and various other early Science Fiction films.

The grungy textures are from scanned iron plates that we treated wth a variety with a variety of oxidising agents.

Music: Benoit Cheritel, Mr Pil-Pili (France)

 Track 8 :

The Experience Becomes

A remix of vintage 1940's jazz soundies to a funky track by French artist Mr Pili-Pili.

Matching mood and tempo to a track like this really is what VJing is about to use - it's so much like dancing.

Music: Benoit Cheritel, Mr Pil-Pili (France)

 Track 9 :

Disco Bolly

Scratched video mash-up from the 1982 classic Saturday Night Fever-inspired gem 'Disco Dancer".

Music: An unknown remix of an old Bollywood track 'Jaa Re Jaa O Harjai' (Kali Charan)

 Track 10 :

Marimba Queens

Inspired by a much-loved 1940's Soundie "Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens" and other perky vintage dance and musical clips, this is one to really 'get your leg up' and party on. The track s a remix of Yves Larock's hit Zookey.

Music: Yves Larock (Switzerland)

 Track 11 :

Urban Journey

Balvinder Singh was classically trained from an early age in traditional Indian instruments such as Sitar and Tabla. In addition to his more traditional music, he also doed electronica-DJ crossowver and explains his work as 'a mixed-up artist playing mixed-up music'.

Music: Balvinder Singh (Australia)

 Track 12 :

Please Do Not Adjust Your Set

A VJ remix of Jane Fonda's original workout video with a Panasonic microwave cooking video, using all vintage equipment such as a Fairlight CVI video synthesizer. The music is Chrism and Fenris, from a live set they did at Plug n Play using Commodore 64's etc.

Music: Chrism and Fenris (Australia)

 Bonus Track 1 :

Lux06 - Sevilla

On our 2006 tour of Spain and the US, we were very pleased to use all Western Ausralian music.

This venue was an awe-inspiring centureis-old church, now the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art.

You can read more about our 2006 tour here.

Music: Various WA acts

 Bonus Track 2 :

EyeWash NYC

Live Cinema utilises VJ tools to perform to a sit-down audience, usually in a theatre setting. Our first experience of this was on tour in Spain and the US. Very nice to get the audience and applause for a change!

Music: Various WA acts

 Bonus Track 3 :

Absolut Dance

Minimalist video-art piece featuring Absolut Vodka, dancer Ellen McCarthy and music by Neil Innes.

Absolut's art campaign is one of the longest running advertising campaigns ever, and has fostered a whole culture of fan-art aournd the world.

Coincidentally, Jasper was a finalist in the Absolut Lomo comp - his is the blurry seagull.

Make ours an Absolut Vanil :)

Music: Neil Innes, We Are Four Sided (United Kingdom)

 Bonus Track 4 :


The Western Australian Business and the Arts Partnership Awards Words, video painting by VJzoo, text animation by Neill Gladwin, music by Audio Cephlon.

Created for a coprorate/arts evet at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Music: Greg Lawrence, Audio Cephlon (Australia)

 Bonus Track 5 :

"What Else" Ringtone

"Our research people are hard at work finding out what ELSE it may be able to do".

This was our first video ringtone, inspired by the fact that fifty years ago, people were just as excited about all the nifty things an analogue phone could do :)

Thanks to archive.org yet again!

Music: Kat Black & Jasper Cook, VJzoo (Australia)

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook