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We predominantly provide VJ services, which means that we mix video and other graphical elements for projection at parties and events.

VJing can be relatively unobtrusive, for example as a feature at a corporate event, or it can be an intensive, interactive performance, for example to accompany DJs and electronic musicians at clubs.

We don't provide music or lights - we JUST DO VISUALS. We can recommend some excellent DJs and musicians, lighting companies and events managers if you would like referrals to such. If it's just background music you need, then that's a possibility - ask us.

We are thoroughly committed professionals, both artistically and technically. We place equal weight on both the creative and technical aspects of our performance, working closely with an event's artistic director and the stage manager and other technical staff. We value relationships and teamwork very highly and do our utmost to ensure we're 'part of the solution' and never 'part of the problem'.

For small non-corporate events we charge from $300 (+GST) for up to 3 hours, additional hours from $100 (+GST) per hour. For small corporate events we charge from $450 (+GST) for up to 3 hours, additional hours from $150 (+GST) per hour. This includes us and all our VJ equipment, but does NOT include projector/screen hire. For bigger events, we quote on a case by case basis.

We own the following projectors:

Brightness No. Available Price each per night
2500 lumens fixed short throw 1 $150 +gst
2800 lumens 1 $100 +gst
3500 lumens with short, standard or long throw lens 1 $250 +gst
3500 lumens fixed short throw 2 $250 +gst
4000 lumens 11 $150 +gst
5000 lumens 1 $250 +gst
12000 lumens with standard lens (Sanyo XF-1000) 2 $1500 +gst
short or long throw lens for 12k (we may have to hire this elsewhere) as req $250 +gst
10000 lumens HD with wide lens (Barco R10+) 2 $1600 +gst

How many you need depends on the space - often, one is enough. How big it needs to be depends on the type of content and the ambient light level. We will usually do a site visit if we have not worked at the venue before.

We don't charge for same-day set-up time. See our Gig Setup for more information about hiring us, what's included and what we need from a venue.

We do NOT "dry-hire" - our projectors are only available when you are hiring us for your gig. That way we know that they're looked after, always have a fresh bulb for optimum brightness etc. They are our tools of trade, we're not an AV hire company.

Large corporate events and festivals are quoted on an individual basis, depending on what's required, how many people will be attending, if we need to develop new content etc.

More info about our OUTDOOR PROJECTION can be found here.

We require 50% of the agreed fee when confirming the booking, with the remaining 50% payable at the event (cheque, cash or Money Order). We will email you a Tax Invoice at the time of booking to enable this payment. If your event is cancelled and you give us at least 7 days notice, your deposit will be returned less a $100 fee.

Although we're based in Perth, we're happy to travel anywhere in Australasia for events that are appropriate and where it's viable to do so. Apart from projectors, all the rest of our kit is pretty portable so we can travel quite easily compared to most acts.

If it's a charity fundraiser event, please contact us for special rates. We're negotiable if it looks like being fun and the working conditions are good.

“I was so impressed with your dedication and flexibility whilst working with us. Sometimes as a football club we can be quite particular and specific with what we want, but you managed to take it all into consideration and create something quite memorable.

I was truly amazed to see the wonderful work you had done and thank you for your hours of work behind the scenes. The comments from people on the night were also very positive and they were quite captivated with the vision that was being screened.

Thankyou so much, you really added that extra touch to our special night! ” - Rebecca Creer, West Coast Eagles.


'The Experience Becomes' vintage Jazz/Blues/Tap footage to a track by Mr Pili-Pili (France)

Illuminosity with Ian Corcoran at Central TAFE

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If you're interested in booking us to do visuals, usually it goes like this:

  1. Check out our online stuff - eg Are we available for your gig date/s? Do you like our visual style? How much can you afford to pay (or how good a pitch do you have if it's a Benefit gig)? You can see more about us at our MySpace page.
  2. Ask around - you can see all of our previous gigs and Perth's a small town. You probably know people we've worked with, or who have been to some of our gigs. Don't take our word for anything - ask them. Whatever they say is probably true....
  3. You email us and we do a swap of your CD for our DVD showreel, or we download your music if it's online.
  4. We have a play with your music and see if we can come up with stuff that goes well. If not, we recommend other VJs to you.
  5. We show you what we've come up with - either on DVD or we'll visit you with a laptop for Show n Tell. You point at what you like and tell us what you don't. If there's enough of the former and not too much of the latter, we might be the VJs for you.
  6. We like to have a direct contact for the venue too, to point them to our Information for Venue Managers - especially if it's a venue we haven't played before.
  7. We arrive early for set-up. You don't get charged for that time. We check everything's working properly, get a feel for the venue and practice with your music.
  8. We play stuff that goes with your music. Everyone has a mighty fine time. Your friends all tell you how awesome the show was.
  9. You book us again for next gig :D

We can also include customised material for your event. All manner of digital content can be used - still images, logos, video.

copyright all material 2003 - present kat black & jasper cook