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Check out our videos on YouTube and connect with us at our MySpace Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn if you'd like to do some networking.

vj resources - community

VJCentral.com - Hundreds of hardware and software reviews and a warm, helpful community supportive of all levels of VJ from newbies to expert level. Their vjforums.com is especially helpful.

ProjectorCentral.com - find out about any digital projector on the market, compare specs etc.

Projection-mapping.org - great resource for people interested in mapping.

VJ Union Australia - info on AU VJs etc.

Create Digital Motion - great blog on all things visualist and video.

NoTV.com - VJ loops, DVDs of 'visual music', a feast of material from a number of the world's best VJs. Based in the Netherlands.

Addictive.com - aka Addictive TV. Produce the must-see Mixmasters series of VJ showreels. UK based.

Graffiti Research Labs - GRL = guerrilla street projection internationale. Sharing of software, ideas, techniques etc.

vj resources - software

See also software page from our workshops

Software VJ - compare all the major VJ softwares available. Awesome resource - so simple, and yet so useful.

VirtualDub.org - Video editing freeware that we prefer to expensive programs like Premiere. It's easy to use and runs really smoothly on our WinXP machine. For example we can scroll frame by frame with the Mouse, and set additional mouse buttons to '50 frames forward' etc. The range of filters developed by a network of freeware supergeeks is awesome.

Resolume.com - Excellent VJ software. After giving a bunch of different VJ programs a decent trial, we settled on this one as the best match for our needs. At about $300 it's very good value for money, and pretty stable. They also have a page full of links to the best VJ content available on the web. Version 3.0 unfortunately doesn't support freeframes, but at least it's PC/Mac now.

Freeframe.org - Some are free, some perhaps should be called Payframes... Freeframe Plugins are natty little effects add-ons that work in a bunch of programs such as Resolume 2, After Effects, Premiere etc. Inde developers rock!

ElectricSheep.org - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Our computers do.... Also, creator of the Electric Sheep, VJ Spot's excellent DVD is definitely worth the purchase price: spotworks.com

Milkdrop.co.uk - this is a Winamp Visualiser Plug-in for 90's rave-party style effects. And it's FREE! If you can't afford a VJ, get this for your club or party.

vj resources - content

Archive.org - the Prelinger archives is an invaluable resource. Thousands of old ads, short movies, showreels etc. Free to the public! There are also full Feature Films - public domain and available online for free, even including such well-known movies as Reefer Madness and Night of the Living Dead.

Edison Motion Pictures - similar to above, a huge range of historical footage.

The American Memory Collection - even more of the above! An awesome service provided by the US Govt in the name of preservation of vintage films.

SpaceTelescope.org - the European site for the Hubble Space Telescope. Great animations, free for public broadcast.

Altavista.com/video/ - Search the web for video files by subject. Of course, then ask the content owners for their permission to use it for VJing :)

other vj's

united kingdom

lucidhouse.com - another Resolume VJ whose work we just love.

joe catchpole - VJ and projection mapping.

deepvisual - Gary is one of the pioneers of outdoor projection mapping.

united states

forwardmotiontheater.org - organisers of New York's legendary Eyewash.

wetcircuit.com - Supastah VJ Holly Daggers

spotworks.com - Scott Draves - creator of Electric Sheep


VJ France - resource for French-speaking VJs

le collagiste - one of France's premier VJs and ambassador for Codanova

l'oeil dans la main aka Julien Appert Odlm - great VJ and lovely guy.

emTV - em runs an excellent VJ blog if you speak French


VJ Spain - resource for Spanish-speaking VJs

solu.org - Mia Makela, Finnish VJ and video artist, based in Barcelona, Spain.

local service links

other vj's

These aren't personal recommendations as such, we haven't worked with all of these people.


We're not always available, and/or our visual style might not suit your event, so here are some other local VJs to check out:

Roly Skender aka Rawbone - very experienced, been VJing for over 10yrs.

VJ Lambency - does pretty, ambient visuals and glitch stuff too.

Combs VJ - does some mapping, but also live visuals.

VJ Shoes and Socks - does awesome live-drawing with a tablet.

Masonik - do their own AV stuff as well as VJing.

Steven Aaron Hughes - does VJing at the Bird, so much more hip than us :)

Eyestorm - trippy 90's raver style visuals.

Zap Circus - also do interactive street projections - check out their YouTube. Often overseas though.

Jerrem - known for his GRL-style interactive street projections, and general cool-dudeness. Currently residing in Canada though.

Others that we know of, but who don't seem to have an online presence: Yaegar; RVJ; Sandy from Pied Piper Productions; VJ Betty. Let us know if you have anything we can link to!

This list doesn't include our current VJzoo VJs as they generally don't have their own content and so aren't looking for work independantly of us.

If it's camera-ops you need - check out Perth TV Cameramen listing page. We've worked with Chris Rapoff from that list and he's great.


jean poole - aka Sean Healy, founder of the Electrofringe Festival, now a key player in the documentation and contextualisation of the live video performance scene in Australia.

dpwolf - his blog's a great insight into the Melbourne VJ scene. Along with Jean Poole, really key in helping live video performance art to gain credence as a legitimate artform in Australia. Hmm, I think he's living overseas now though.


videokidz - Bartek and Karolina do excellent work - eg at large Festivals etc.

morphvisual - very active in the international VJ scene, does huge gigs and is an all-round nice guy.


Jim Medcraft - a lovelier VJ you will never meet :)


Jaymis lives and works as a VJ in Brisbane but also co-runs Create Digital Motion

Strictly and Lowdown aka Rachel and Keith have regular residencies as well as touring with many of the big summer festivals around Australia.


For corporate events and Festivals, we have great working relationships with some very talented collaborators:

Pogo - AV mixmaster with a huge YouTube following, does a fun, engaging set suitable for all ages. Book him before he leaves Australia - with such a huge overseas following, it's inevitable.

DJ Reuben - Our partner for our Live @ Llama residency on Saturday night, Reuben is one of Perth's most consistent and sought-after DJs.

AV hire, lighting, etc

Perth AV - We've worked with PAV at many corporate events, including at the Art Gallery, they're inexpensive and great to work with.

Matrix Productions - Worked with Matrix at Live @ Woodside. Friendly, professional and inexpensive.

Austage - We worked with them on the 2006 WABAPA Awards at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and couldn't have asked for a for friendly, collaborative and professional AV supplier.

We have worked with most of the AV companies in Perth, but the above are the ones we've had the best experiences with, consistently. They also don't rip off clients :)

events management

Power Music and OMG events - we've worked with them on the Nick Cave opening at the WA Museum and other corporate events.

Impact Communications - lovely family-run events management company. Can even organise your next Royal visit!

DG Global - huge events management company, but still with the personal touch - talk to Beau.

live performers

We have worked with all of these companies and are happy to talk to you about who we think might suit your event best if you can't decide from their websites :)

Feisty Entertainment - Feisty is atop chick and wrangles some of Perth's best freelance entertainers and performers.

Azure Entertainment - Stella also has a roster of all type of performers - including the hilarious hooded Mexican wrestling crew Lucha Royale.

HMS Popup Productions - lovely ladies of jazz and retro goodness.

Kimtortion - contortionist and contact-juggler team Kim and Jan are something very special.

Fliptease - Circus-burlesque crossover performances, perfect for corporate events. Lyra, Hoops, Trapeze, Silks (Tissu) etc

Bent Knee Productions - great costumes, professional performers.

Sugar Blue Burlesque - Perth's premier Burlesque company.

Twisted Vaudeville Circus - wide range of cabaret, circus and variety acts.

Nicole in Red - also has a range of varied performers.

other resources

ettrick audio visual - Grant Ettrick is a master with repairing audio equipment and vintage electronic doodads. Did a much better job of repairing our broken Fairlight CVI than the company who charged us three times as much. He really knows his stuff, and has an awesome collection of vintage audio equipment of his own.