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Jasper Cook and Kat Black are VJzoo. We're "film nerd" VJ's who work in a wide range of environments - from nightclubs to outdoor projection, and also artists - video and otherwise.

What we love most is using archival film - especially dance film - in a new context - eg at nightclubs, gala events and openings. We respond to the music in real-time, selecting clips to suit the track, changing the tempo and scratching the video the way a DJ does with audio.

We own over 5000 movies on VHS and DVD, and have over 30,000 loops on our VJ drives. Like a professional DJ, we buy everything we use if it's commercially available. Most of the content we use is from the US, and our live performances would constitute Fair Use under American law. Unfortunately, Australia does not have Fair Use laws and very little Australian "public domain" archival content is available - so we use hardly any Australian content (apart from stuff we shoot ourselves).

We also love to develop specific content for corporate events - such as that done for WABAPA and the West Coast Eagles. We work with a range of dancers and other performers to develop our own silhouette content for outdoor projection, including West Australian Ballet, Anything is Valid Dance Theatre, Sugar Blue Burlesque, Fliptease and more.

If you live in Perth, Western Australia, why not come along to one of our events and say hi - we're the ones staring intently at laptop screens, pretty easy to find! We're the busiest VJs in Perth and do the widest range of events, so there's probably something coming up that's your style.

"VJing is a type of performance that combines the visual possibilities of filmmaking with the improvisational pleasures of jazz"...from The VJ Book: Inspirations and Practical Advice for Live Visuals Performance by Paul Spinrad, Jon Schwark

VJzoo on Facebook

current ongoing projects:

  • VJ Residency: Saturdays 9pm - 1.30am @ Llama Bar, Subiaco
  • Street projections around Perth - some official at Festivals and such, some not so official ;)

You can see photos of our work on Flickr.

Check out our videos on YouTube and connect with us at our MySpace Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn if you'd like to do some Networking.

Our 2009 Showreel is available to view online, or you can ask us nicely for a copy if you want to pay the shipping. It's a good indication of what we do live at nightclubs and events, and also our street projection.

Our 2007 Showreel was more diverse, but is not very representative of what we do live these days.


The EyeWash 3 DVD has recently come out, featuring a live performance of ours in NYC in 2006.

We've been doing a lot of collaboration lately with Fliptease and Sugar Blue Burlesque who are a very hot addition to corporate events and festivals. Circus + Burlesque = saucy fun for all the family :)

Also, we've uploaded some free loops for you to play with - in both mov and avi formats, ready to VJ with.

We also uploaded the handbook from our Painting with Light courses held in 2006 - it's probably the closest thing to a "How To VJ Manual" that's available for newbs. Hope it's of some help.

There have been a couple of articles about us online that might be of interest:

If you like the VJzoo style, you could hire us to do VJing at one of your own events or gigs. If you're wondering if we're any good, ask around. Perth's a small town in many ways and I'm sure you know someone we've worked with. We've listed all our previous events, so you can see who we've worked with and the huge range of events we've done in the past few years. We are committed to professionalism and doing the best we can - so we only agree to VJ at events that we think we can really add something to.

What we don't do is 90's rave-style stuff using 3D rendering or beat-synched eyecandy visualisations. It just doesn't suit our VJing style.

We put a lot of effort into developing the VJ scene, both locally through formal workshops and the informal Plug n Play, and also on this website. We have no problem getting as much work as we can cope with, and so anything we can do to develop more professional VJ's, the better.

We realise that means that our style won't remain as unique, as we give away pretty much all of our 'secrets', but then that will just mean we have to keep developing and improving - which has got to be a good thing, eh?

Watch more of our videos at YouTube

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