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"Projections on High"

VJzoo will be running the inaugural Projections on High event 1 - 4 December, 2011 on High St, Fremantle. Approximately 20 sites will be featured, creating a trail of imagery from Market St to the Roundhouse each evening from 7.30 - 9.30pm.

This event is presented by the City of Fremantle as part of the Fremantle Festival.

We would like to thank the West End Traders for their enthusiasm and kind assistance.

To the right is a test projection on Merenda Gallery, with some gorgeous artwork from their stock.

You can see a lot mroe about the event at ProjectionsOnHigh.com.

Kids Art on the Arch

The Roundhouse Arch will feature specially-made artwork by around 500 kids aged 5-17, both local and international.

If you submitted a design and would like to show your friends and family, ask Kat or Jasper to put yours up when you're there, or it will be a LONG wait with so many entries!

Below is art by Evie Rogers-Elgar, aged 11.

Hey kids, want some tips on what shows up well on a building? Check out our OUTDOOR PROJECTION page :)

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