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Artists in Residence at tiger, tiger November - December 2008

Kat Black and Jasper Cook are VJzoo.

They met at Art School in 2003 and have worked together since then developing a reputation for innovative projection art, performing in Europe, Asia and the US.

"VJzoo are influential and internationally-respected VJs with a rare, synergistic mix of expertise in painting, photography, graphic arts, and live video performance" Paul Spinrad, author of The VJ Book

For their residency at tiger, tiger, VJzoo videoed willing members of the public and then projected them.

Everyday faces: you, me, them - us. Pared down to the most basic, simple form, then projected onto buildings and landmarks. Putting a human face - literally - on the modern city.

Their first Artist in Residence was Jimmy Jack, co-writer of the wonderful Aussie movie Black Balloon - so they're big boots to fill.

The title of the project was thanks to ArtSource, who deemed that the project was 'too local and unmonumental' to be of interest to their international e-zine readership. Way to support members, thanks guys!

Funnily enough, over 95% of our traffic and subscribers are in Europe, the US and South America and we've performed at arts festivals as far afield as Spain and New York to great reviews, but we've had far less support locally.

Anyway, we thought it was a pretty good title since this is an Everyman-type project, and we liked the irony of projecting people on a very large scale being called 'unmonumental'.

While the actual projections will usually be done late at night, they will be documented and shown on the website VJzoo.com as well as Facebook and YouTube, so you have to be willing to sign a Model Release so that your image can be used for this purpose.

Model Release:

"I, the undersigned, hereby grant VJzoo (Kat Black and Jasper Cook) the rights to use my image as recorded on video at tiger, tiger on the date listed. This usage may include being projected very large on public buildings. I understand that these projections will be documented on the internet and I have specified whether I wish my image to be anonymous or credited below."

tiger, tiger is now open in the evenings and have a liquor licence - which makes it Perth's first real Art Bar. It's like a little bit of Melbourne here in Perth - in a laneway, even!

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