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Amherst Village Community Centre

2008 - 2009

We have been commissioned by the City of Gosnells to design artwork for the new Amherst Village Community Centre under a Percent for Art scheme.

The project will take approximately nine months, completion is envisaged for March 2009.

The Centre will be used by a wide range of community groups and will incorporate a Knowledge Centre (aka Library), a Digital Centre, Meeting Rooms and a Hall. Our work will appear in the foyer, and reflect users of the new facility.

The Centre has been designed by Holton Connor Architects and is being built by Gavin Construction. It will be a wonderful resource for the local community when completed - we're especially impressed with the Digital suites that will be available for the people of Amherst to use.

The first step in our process was to video in the area, and also to look through the City's large collection of video of local community activities.

We digitised a great deal of this footage and converted it to vectors.

Then, the long hunt for frames to use. At 25 frames per second, and with many hours of footage in the digitised 'shortlist', this involved slowly hunting through hundreds of thousands of potential images.

Once we had about 20 really good images, the next stage was to do an overall design incorporating several of them.

This went through various adaptations in consultation with the Art Panel formed by the City of Gosnells for the project.

VJzoo draft art design (not final) for Amherst Village Communtiy Centre


Originally the Tender was just for a design to be incorporated in the Marmoleum floor, but in the end, the design preferred by the City also included elements on the wall as well.

The floor designs are to be cut by high-pressure water jet by Jet-Cut. Marmoleum is an all-natural product available in a huge range of colours. It's the modern evolution of Lino, produced by Forbo.

Thanks very much to ArtSource, Art Consultant Pip Sawyer and Project Manager Paul McAllister for their help and support during this major project.

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook