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PropelArts and VJzoo

present the YOUTH WEEK


13th April 2007

See images at our Flickr.

See article at The Thread Magazine by Lisette Kaleveld.

A unique opportunity awaits young people living in WA to showcase their creative works at the 2007 ‘Launch Yourself’ National Youth Week.

Our vision is to provide a massive showcase and celebration of diverse young creative people in WA. So, the search is on for young artists (12 to 25) from all walks of life to contribute.

Launch yourself by having your digital artworks projected onto a very large surface within the Perth Cultural Centre. To be displayed at the Youth Week Launch Event, April 13th 5-7pm. (Well, once it gets dark enough...)


You must be aged 12-25 years, and submit your work by 12th April.


- Flash animations under 1 minute 400 x 300 pixels .swf format

- Video animations under 1 minute 400x300 pixels .avi or .mov format

- Still images - photos, illustrations, collage, whatever. 800 x 600 pixels, jpg or gif format.

- Digital Words and Poetry will be accepted.

- simple, high contrast works preferred, as will be projected onto brick buildings. Black areas appear invisible.

- only non-offensive graffiti will be accepted.

- The theme of Youth Week is “Launch Yourself” so if there are any works that specially contribute to this theme, we would be delighted to know (although sticking to the theme isn't essential)

- works will be curated based on these guidelines.

Questions regarding file formats etc can be sent to kat (at) VJzoo.com.

All applications should reach Propelarts or VJzoo by 12th April 2007.

Applications can be emailed if under 1 meg, or posted on disc with the completed application form to the address below.

For application forms please contact Lisette at Propelarts – Youth Week 2007
PO Box 8238, Perth WA 6849

Tel: (08) 9328 5855
Fax: (08) 9328 5770

Email: lisette (at) propelarts.org.au
Website: www.propelarts.org.au

Works will be selected by the Propelarts Youth Week Committee with a view to showcasing diversity of youth arts and culture.

NB: All creative works showcased during Youth Week 2007 must have been created by young people aged 25 years and under.

Download flyer to print out:

  • 2-up jpeg (approx 500kb)
  • Word doc (approx 100kb)

Painting with pixels... putting your art on hallowed walls

Some links you might like to explore

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VJzoo's Flickr Gallery of Street Art

WAnimate MySpace and WAnimate website

Murals and Graffiti Group on Flickr

Graffiti Research Lab - creators of LED throwies, the animated Gif Drive-in Theater and more

Troika's SMS Guerrilla Projector - used at a Streets gig

The Yok

King Brown Magazine

Banksy - Fan Myspace - check out the videos in particular

Keith and Lottie - Northbridge gallery/store that stocks magazines and books with great art

Arcade - Blinkenlights

Pani large-scale slide projection (still images only)

Easyweb France - HUGE outdoor video projection

Computer Arts Magazine - Digital Graffiti feature

Wiffiti - digital graffiti with your mobile

Please note: We do NOT condone illegal graffiti and vandalism. Smart artists use more sensible ways to make their mark.

Some of the most awesome massive-scale outdoor video projection is being done in France - check out all of Uruk's videos on YouTube.

We will be using digital projectors, not the same technique as the projections for this Drive-In Gif Theatre project in Rotterdam - but it's still inspiring.

TIP... black areas show as invisible with projection, so high contrast, with your text or images in light or bright colours will show up best. You can make the image look less like a rectangular movie projection by creative use of a black mask around the edge of your work

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook