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Saturday 24th February 2007

Capitol Bar 9:45pm

Depending on the projection situation, we may be VJing for Singapore's anarcho-rock outfit Firebrands as part of the 2007 WAMi Festival.

Yeah, we normally avoid all that political stuff - George Bush samples and tree huggin' hippy piffle - yawn! But the Firebrands bring up issues about repressive regimes in their (and our) own backyard that the Western world often does it's best to ignore, or even bolster up.

We will be using some amazing images by award-winning photographers such as David Dare Parker, Julian Tennant, and Bohdan Warchomij.

VJzoo pride ourselves on the diversity of music we can work with, so this is our chance to show some really in-yer-face post-punk VJing.

Their blurb from MySpace:

By definition, a Firebrand is a burning implement of creation and destruction, a visionary individual who incites others to conflict or action, one who deliberately foments trouble and radical change.

FIREBRANDS the vision began as a group of revolutionary ideas, a search for truth and freedom under the surface of a straitjacket called home. While the media distract and confuse, there is incongruence, suppression and greed. What began as a question became an answer, then a journey. Seize the freedom in hand and never give up.

Originating in a cultural milieu where geography is quickly becoming meaningless, the lineup completed with 5 members of 5 different cultures. They came together with individual musical and personal backgrounds as different as can be, but they have been bent and forged together by the same restless, indestructible spirit that demands action, and an outlet. A huge outlet. There are no speakers in the world loud enough for this message.

Musical influences come from Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who, Faith No More, Metallica and more.

Performing their furious blend of heavy rock, funk, and turntable SFX at gigs since July 2005, they generated an electric hum in the club circuit and within the global music community.

FIREBRANDS are set to burn stages in 2007 with gigs in Asia, Europe and Australia.

Firebrands at WAMi Festival 2007

David Dare Parker

David Dare Parker - East Timor

Jules Tennant Photography

Jules Tennant - East Timor

Bohdan Warchomij Photographer

Bohdan Warchomij - Orange Revolution in Ukraine

the Art of the Firebrands

Firebrands' drummer Jachin is also a graphic artist - hence the very cool website

From the scorching new Firebrands album "First the Flash and then the Pulse" - see www.firebrandsrock.com or myspace.com/firebrandsrock

Featuring photographs of the Orange Revolution by Bohdan Warchomij - see www.warchomij.com and live footage of the Firebrands in Australia, mashed together with some vintage revolution footage in a rough and raw live VJ mix by VJzoo.

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook