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Big Day Out - Perth

Sunday 4th February 2007

Boiler Room

At the very last-minute, Jasper was called in to co-VJ with our pals Pixel Juice who have VJ'd at BDO Perth for about 6 years.

We've never pitched to do BDO since we aren't the types to compete with our friends, but playing there was sort of a childhood fantasy of Jasper's. He's been going to Big Day Outs with his Dad since he was a little kid, so it was really nice that the Pixel Juice guys invited him along to do a set.

Personally, I'm not so keen on big outdoor summer Festivals - VJs never get any billing and the working conditions suck seriously. We've already had two DVD players die at Festivals (dust, wind and lasers, not a good combination) but in this case, Jas got to go by himself and VJ with his mates, and all he needed to take was a laptop and HDD.

Big Day Out Festival


Jasper was hoping to VJ to the Presets, since we have a lot of material created with our 80's Fairlight CVIs that would have gone very well with the vintage synthesizers used by the Presets. The artistic director (?) Rachel had the same idea though, and so was VJing for them herself. Jas said she was really good, and owns a Fairlight CVI of her own!

Jasper mainly VJ'd to French Electro duo Justice - you can hear some of their tracks at MySpace.

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