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Luxurious New Years Eve

Luxe Bar

Sunday 31st December 7pm-2am

The Luxe Bar - purveyors of Perth's finest cocktails

Luxe Bar is at 446 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

Featuring ben taaffe, james a, pmi, simone and ben elliott, sassy vocalist georgia mcdonnell-adams and lucas van berkel on the sax, flute and bongos.

Luxe Bar invites you to wish farewell to 2006 and celebrate their momentous sixth birthday in one very memorable summer evening under the stars.

Experience the luxury of timeless company partnered with the best cocktails in Perth and super sexy sounds delivered by Perth's musical elite talent.

Enjoy Piper Heidsieck champage or Ashanti beer on arrival, complemented with fresh oysters and other gourmet canapes served throughout the evening.

To add to the occasion, the evening will also see the release fo the 21st addition to the Luxe Bar CD family, Luxurious XXI, handcrafted by the man behind the Luxe Bar concept, Geoff Hayward.

VJzoo will be performing live to all acts once it gets dark enough, from about 9pm. Daylight Saving is our mortal enemy!

Limited tickets available: $50, call 9228 9680


What a bloody awesome gig. Probably my best New Year's Eve ever. Sure, we were working a seven hour VJ shift, but it was worth the effort.

Luxe is a small, intimate kind of club, and the gig had sold out quickly. The audience of about 350 was great - very sophisticated and stylish. Luckily, scruffy old VJzoo got to hide behind the beautiful 12' screen and back-project in comfort.

There were three DJ areas - we were outdoors in the amphitheatre and got to VJ to:

  • simone DJ'd, with alex t on trumpet - we used vintage jazz-musical footage, as well as a touch of glamour with Astaire and Rogers and other classics from the 30's and 40's.
  • ben m - we used vectorised footage of Luxe staff, including 'Galliano Hot Bartender of the Year' shortlister Andy McIntyre (go vote for him and he might win the $2k prize...)
  • james a DJ'd with vocalist georgia mcdonnell-adams - we used vintage party footage, including 1920's flappers en masse at midnight.
  • james a then played some great disco-tinged house, and we went to town with the sparkle and glitter with clips from Solid Gold, bollywood classic Disco Dancer and some more obscure secret sources :)

We had an absolute ball of a time - it was SO nice to be able to VJ properly for hours, with no other responsibilities. It was also great to be able to show friends and colleagues what we can do in a pretty much ideal environment.

Phil from Luxe Bar did an excellent job of stage-management as well as playing host. He did the rounds every half hour or so to check that we were happy, and to tell us how much people were enjoying the visuals. Everything went so smoothly and the seven hours went by in a flash.

The screen was supplied by Matrix Productions and was very good, considering it only cost $180 to hire including side drapes - no repairs, spots or stains. That would have to be the cheapest screen hire in Perth!

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook