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Random Cacti Promotions Christmas Party

Chop Suey

Hyde Park Hotel

Friday 21 December

Featuring roly skender and the tonics, tomas ford, luke dux (from the Floors), the bigness.

Tomas Ford has to be the most fun to VJ for. We produced his DVD "Ritalin and Humiliation" last year, which was a jolly romp, in a very dark, surreal kind of way.

It's a very last-minute thing for us to be VJing at this gig, but looks like lots of fun.

Kat's Backstage Report:

Sadly, since the recent change in ownership (I think the Hydey is now owned by the Coles-Myer group!), the Hyde Park Hotel, aka the Hydey, is no longer set up for projection. So we did a bodgy job of rigging a white tarp between Tomas's lighting stand and a ledge. The bodginess sort of suited Tomas.

As always, it was hilarious to watch the audience's reaction to Tom as he wiped his sweat on unsuspecting but curious regulars.

We love VJing for Tom because nomatter what we project, we won't be anywhere near as out-there as Tomas. We got to use our most extremely weird Surrealist and Expressionist 1920's and 1930's clips. You can see some more snaps at our Flickr.

One of the other acts, luke dux (from the Floors) was also great, and really good fun to VJ for. He looks and sounds like an 18 year old Lou Reed. Not often you see such convincing trad-cool in one so young. We VJ'd with some more weird surrealist stuff (it was that sort of gig!) including the cringeworthy Legend of the Rollerblade 7, one of a series of movies made by Donald G. Jackson featuring the siblings of various famous people looking very wasted, as well as ninjas on rollerblades and a cult of Knights-Templar looking nuns with big knives.

Unfortunately though, there was absolutely no room for us to stay set up once the 'proper' bands came on, as the Front Bar 'venue' is so cramped. Not a venue we'll be keen to VJ at again, at least until they get things more sorted out again.

With a car full of gear, we couldn't stick around to see the rest of the bands, which is a pity as roly skender and the tonics are always fun, and I was looking forward to hearing the bigness.

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook