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West Coast Eagles

20th Anniversary

Sponsor Christmas Party

Thursday 7th December 2006 from 6-9pm

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Where would a footy team be without the support of the business community?

2006 AFL Premiers West Coast Eagles held a cocktail party at the Art Gallery of WA to thank their sponsors - including some who have supported the team since their inception twenty years ago.

Premiership team player Dean Cox was MC for the evening, and speakers included Mark Barnaba, Scott Gooch and Brett Jones.

Senior Coach John Worsfold was a popular speaker and was later asked to pose for photos with The Cup many times. He was captain of the team the two previous times they've won the AFL Premiership (1992 and 1994) and so to coach them to another victory all these years later must be as rewarding an experience as you could wish for in a sporting career. I hope Woosha's enjoying all the adulation, as I'm sure it's well deserved.

Companies who were presented with awards included:

"From The Very Beginning" Sponsors:

"Ten Years" Sponsor:

"Support" Sponsors, represented by:

Sponsors, represented by:

Elite sponsors, represented by:

Major sponsors, represented by:



We were very happy to be performing at another event at the Art Gallery of Western Australia after the excellent WABAPA event a week earlier.

We love these hybrid corporate-artistic performances - we get to be true to our art, but also to value-add to a commercial event and access an audience who's probably never even heard of video performance or Live Cinema.

This event was organised by Rebecca Creer from West Coast Eagles. A Top Chick if ever there was one. She didn't seem to mind that we knew nothing about football.

Rebecca took a sincere interest in all aspects of the event, and took the time after everyone left to give us positive feedback - and even let us have our photo taken with The Cup :)

Jasper videoed the Awards sections of the evening, and our Lovely Assistant, VJ Trixee, ripped the footage and converted to the right format for VJing - so by the last VJ set, we were able to incorporate footage actually shot earlier that night.


Staging and AV equipment was supplied by the ever-professional Staging Connections. They're such a pleasure to work with. Reliable, adaptable and very pragmatic. Big thanks to Niall, Mike, Manuao and most of all Amy, who was great to work with on the night.

Set-up had to be very rushed as the venue's open to the public until 5pm and the event started at 6pm, but little glitches were fixed straight away, so nothing escalated into an actual problem. Communication was excellent, even though for logistical reasons we were on opposite sides of the venue (hand signals can be very effective!)

The catering was done by Mustard Catering, although I can't comment on the food as we were hidden away upstairs for the whole evening in a food-and-drink-free zone.

I spent about a week leading up to the event pre-treating footage - for example vectorising video to Flash files using Flix Pro - a great inde program that we think should be given a go by more VJs.

DJ Jim from Loungerama spun the tunes - a very laid-back loungey mix of nu-jazz, chill remixes and even some soul classics. Networking and conversation were the key goals of the evening, and it's great to work with a DJ who knows when to keep the music in the background - still contributing to the vibe, but not in a way that demands attention.

Thanks also to Kylie Robb, event co-ordinator at AGWA, ever attentive and watchful. It must be a challenge balancing up protection of artworks with the need to host corporate events, but she does it very well. "Hey, you with the bright lights... get 'em off the paper-based artworks!".

It makes such a difference when people actually care about making sure an event runs smoothly, and who put that extra 10% of effort on top of what constitutes doing a job well. For this event, everyone involved had that attitude - and I think it really paid off.

All in all, one of the most pleasant, no-fuss and successful events we've had the pleasure to VJ at. Big thumbs-up to everyone involved - great teamwork all round.

When I was first faced with the prospect of making footy footage 'arty' I was a bit skeptical about what I could do, since I doubt you could find a less sport-aware Aussie than me. I'm not good in crowds and don't really go outdoors if I can help it, so I've never been to a footy match in my life.

Once I slowed the game footage right down though, the graceful movements and bold, solid colours and shapes really fascinated me. I had much fun experimenting with the footage to make video-art that's probably not quite like anything else done before.

I ended up developing a few completely different looks that ranged from bold, punchy vectors to soft, pastel-like imagery. These screenshots from the sets hopefully give you an idea of how it looked at the event. Except... ummm.... it was moving.

Funnily enough, Worsfold mentioned in his speech that football is a combination of Art and Science, nomatter how analytical the sport-scientists may be about technique. I hope that some of the artistry of the game might be reflected in what we came up with. We know nothing of the Science, so all we can see is the Art!

For this 'oil pastel on black paper' look, we prerendered in After Effects to "find edges", then live in our main VJ software Resolume, we inversed the image and applied a motion blur.

"It must be Art, cos it's in a gold frame" :P

Credit: Bill Crabb, West Coast Eagles Official Photographer

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook