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Plug n Play @ LuxeBar

Thurs 14th December 8-11pm

The Luxe Bar - purveyors of Perth's finest cocktails

Luxe Bar is at 446 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

Bad Santa Party

with Special Guests @ 10pm

The Brothers Elwin: Cordata and KitPop

and Loungerama DJ Jim

It's the silly season, and on special request by Paul from Cordata, we'll be theming our only PnP for December with a 70's schlock Bad Santa theme, with some Xmas adult naughtiness thrown in for good measure.

Cordata (Paul Elwin) creates music and soundscapes with laptop and other mechanicals. Humans and machines make the sounds but the human arranges them and distorts them to a finite model. The machine merely stores the sounds for future manipulation, burns compact discs for final compilation and helps arrange lines, dots and colour for graphical presentation. The human is the final representation. A strange situation, but it brings much elation.

KitPop (Justin Elwin) has "more soul than a sock with a hole."

Check out the Plug n Play page for more info.


Bad timing... so many other things on the same night, a number of which we SHOULD have been at ourselves! So, a completely crap turnout and again we started wondering why we bother..

But then one potential newbie VJ turned up, who had multimedia experience and a great eye. I think his name was Sam. After about half an hour of coaching in Resolume, he was VJing by himself with our clips making some really interesting work that looked nothing like ours (yay!). Hopefully he'll turn up again - we didn't get his contact details but he showed real talent. So, if we can just spend some time cultivating one person with VJ potential, it's worth running the Plug n Play.

From our point of view as well, we had a great time though. Cordata and KitPop make really interesting music that we love to VJ to, and Jim and Jasper mixed up some freaky Bad Santa content. Ho, ho, ho!

We've been working with Cordata's music for a couple of years and hope to collaborate even more closely now he's living back in Perth.


copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook