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Western Australian Business & the Arts Partnership Awards

Friday, 24 November 2006 at 6:30pm

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Department of Culture and the Arts, Government of Western Australia

Valuing outstanding business arts partnerships.

The Western Australian Business and the Arts Partnership Awards celebrate the commitment and achievement of partnerships between the business and arts and culture sectors. Both sectors have embraced the unlimited potential of business-arts collaborations to greatly benefit those involved, as well as the Western Australian community.

The Awards (previously called the State Arts Sponsorship Scheme Awards) have been running for 13 years and in 2005 attracted 305 nominations representing nearly $11 million in support of the arts and culture by the Western Australian business community.

Awards presentation event: Friday, 24 November 2006 at 6:30pm at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Join leading business and arts organisation for this exciting evening, directed by Neill Gladwin. The Awards ceremony will be followed by networking and an engaging gallery-wide program of visual and performing arts.

Tickets $50+bf at BOCS Ticketing Phone 9484 1133 or Toll free: 1800 193 300

Numbers are strictly limited so please book early. No door sales are available.

We took a live feed from the catwalk and mixed that in with our abstract 'video painting' imagery to create projections that were both live-action AND creative performance. This combination of live-feed and video performance was being projected both in the main concourse area and here on the Art Gallery wall high above the main concourse.

We love these hybrid corporate-artistic performances - we get to be true to our art, but also to value-add to a commercial event and access an audience who's probably never even heard of video performance or Live Cinema.

GIG REPORT from Kat: (See Flickr for more pics)

What a wonderful event this was. Included performances by:

  • Sartori String Quartet
  • Matt Yates - busking-style performance from Margaret River's Lunar Circus
  • Yowarliny - lovely indigenous acoustic/folk act, who are soon to release a CD.
  • Electric Kora Land who we're really looking forward to collaborating with in future for some hybrid performances. Like us, they did an overseas festival tour this year. They play some amazing instruments from around the world, including a spaceship-like Hang Drum (?) available only from one maker in Switzerland.
  • Buzz Dance Theatre with an adaptation from their Pretender show
  • Scene Models wearing a new wool that's supposedly as light and versatile as cotton and not scratchy :) Don't know who the designer of the outfits was, and didn't really notice the clothes as the 90's style head-dresses were so dominating from our angle above the stage.
  • Solo to Symphony - about fifteen or twenty classical strings and a soprano. Very professional and pragmatic bunch - happy to move around and make the best of a less than ideal venue for such a performance. We were lucky enough to be up on the balcony with them, so we got to enjoy their music more than the crowd below.
  • VJzoo to music of Audio Cephlon - We love to work with Greg Lawrence's haunting electronica, and it went very well with the event. It wasn't quite the same as playing with him live, but the live performance with him earlier in the week at Plug n Play certainly helped.

The artistic direction of the event was excellent - what a great cross-section of the WA Arts Scene. HUGE thanks also to artistic director Neill Gladwin, Production Manager Pete Stone and Shauna Weeks from DCA who were all an absolute pleasure to work with. Congratulations for making the event such a success, and it was an honour to be involved - thanks so much!

And what an amazing venue to have as a canvas. The Art Gallery of Western Australia is one of the best examples of Modernist architecture in WA. Lots of white walls, a sweeping, majestic spiral glass and chrome staircase in the middle of the concourse, and three stories of space to work with. We couldn't ask for a more exciting venue for projection art - although it will always be hard to match the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art :)

The artistic director, Neill Gladwin, wanted us to create a video installation piece for the entry area, where guests walked through the Art Gallery between the Awards (which were in a Marquee in the Car Park) and the performances (which were in the main Art Gallery Concourse).

We created the textures using our Video Painting techniques, and Neill created the word animations using Keynote on his Mac. We then blended the two together to make a work that we then authored to DVD and called "WABAPA words". As with our live performance, we used the music of Audio Cephlon.

We got to VJ to all of the artistic acts of the evening. Some parts we did much better than others - in particular I think we did very well with the acts who'd supplied their music beforehand so we could plan what would go well with their performance. We also did a considerable amount of live-feed to the screens, overlaid with abstract 'video painting' type imagery to be in keeping with the venue (the Art Gallery of WA) and the themes of the event, "connect, create, inspire, innovate".

Austage, who hired us a portable 12' screen for back-projection and a short-throw lens for our VPL-FX50, were great to work with. The sound guy from AAA Productions was very friendly and professional as well. We'd be very happy to work with Austage and AAA Productions again.

The "WABAPA words" video installation - our textures, Neill Galdwin's words.

A different angle showing the combination of live feed and video-painting on the main screen on the Concourse level. This was a back-projection on a 12' screen provided by Austage, with our much-loved Sony VPL-FX50 projector.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2006 WABAPAs:

Australian Capital Equity Outstanding Long-Term Partnership Award:

Highly commended:

Westrac CAT Most Innovative Partnership Award:

Ogden IFC Brisbane Arts Development Award:

DLGRD Outstanding Commitment to Regional Arts and Culture Award:

WA Business News Best Media Partnership Award:

Lamont's Best Small or Medium-Sized Business Partnership Award:

Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky Lawyers Community Investment Award:

Highly Commended:

Hudson Best First-time Partnership Award:

The only real complaint for us was the lighting people, who set up right next to us but wouldn't enter into any discussion at all about considering the placement of the projection screens when they set up the lights. They just shrugged and said "take it up with the operator when he gets here, nothing to do with us". But then he only turned up MINUTES before the public were let in - we'd been at our desk with the video projections set up for nearly two hours by then. He proceeded to aim lights right at our projection screens and then got narky when we asked him to aim them somewhere else.

The only conversation he was interested in was his bragging about working @ the U2 concert last week. Uh huh... Sure.... And told us we should hire LCD walls instead (tens of thousands of dollars each for a night's hire) so we wouldn't have to worry about where the lights were aimed. Uh huh.. bigger! louder! brighter! Not exactly appropriate for a cocktail and conversation event at the Art Gallery.

All four people from this AV company (who shall remain nameless, but have a name that's a rip-off of a large international-act touring company beginning with F) were rude and unco-operative, and not remotely interested in being team players, despite our best efforts. We won't be looking forward to working on any events with them in future and surely won't be recommending them to venues and events managers we work with.

Their attitude couldn't have been more different to that of Austage and AAA Productions, who were happily and constructively working together with each other, us and the many performers.

A perfect example of why we need to have a good working relationship with the lighting people! It costs around a thousand dollars to hire a big back-projection screen and kick-arse projector like this - and can be flooded out by one inconsiderately aimed light.

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook