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Son of Semikazi Manifesto
for Artrage

Friday November 3rd 9pm-2am

Come define the Revolution!

With pumping DJ sets by

Plus visual hyper-stimulation by the ever-expanding bevvy of Kazi VJ talent:

The last Kazi gig, Kazino Royale, was just brilliant. The 'Manifesto' theme didn't work quite so well, but it was a great lineup and some new Kazi blood gave excellent performances.

This was the first official Semikazi performance by new members Eyelid Picture Show, DXU:555 and Tungtide.

Sorry we didn't get photos of everyone - we were busy VJing and playing techs most of the time.

If you don't know what Semikazi's all about, it's a not-for-profit association committed to furthering the cause of Electronica in Perth. You can visit our pissy little portal page or our far more active MySpace, Yahoo Group pages. You may even want to join... but are you ready for the Semikazi half-commitment?

VJ ChikiTronix on the V4 Video Desk

Audiovisual duo DXU:555

Samanta Ray in her amazing light-dress, with visuals by VJ ChikiTronix and VJ Trixee

Eyelid Picture Show


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