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The Age 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival - Digital Fringe

Digital Fringe, part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival (September 27 – October 15)

We hope to add a list of which VJzoo.com works were shown when/if we can get hold of details of a Program. As some of our screenshots are on their site, we assume our work's been included in the screenings :)

Streaming live across the city, from the big screen at Federation Square to a host of other screens around town.
Digital Fringe will have you thumbing art from your mobile phone and watching public projections in the most unlikely places.

The Digital Fringe General stream is a curated playlist of digital art that has been submitted from around the world in response to a global call for entries on arts listservs around the planet. Currently over 250 entries have come in from across Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia.

Globally people have ferreted around their hard drives and submitted a variety of styles and aesthetics, ranginging from stills, animations, video art, short films, and abstract pieces. The works come from professional artists to everyday people who like to dabble in the digital. They will be shown all over the city without sound and can also be accessed online via this website.

The general stream will play over all screens that have signed up for Digital Fringe. These range from hospitality venues, galleries, retail venues, and public institutions, to the humble home computer to the iHubs and grand screen at Federation Square. The number and variety of screens involved means that digital art is finding its way into all sorts of nooks and crannies around the city.

Screens include:

And of course the MPU creating guerrilla screens wherever it goes MPU (Mobile Projection Unit)

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook