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WAnimate Clubhouse at the Projection Lounge

Wednesday 6th September 6.30pm

WAnimate have got some awesome speakers in the past:

and now... prepare to be amazed by the worldliness and sophistication of... US! Yeah, OK, so it must be a quiet month.

We'll be doing a bit of Show n Tell and blabbing on about how we use the internet to overcome the lack of VJ scene in Perth. Or something like that.

WAnimate presents : The Brand of You

A round table discussion on marketing and promotion

Wednesday 6th September at 6:30pm at The Projection Lounge, Upstairs at 267 William Street, Northbridge

Want to learn more about self promotion, publicity and building your professional image? WAnimate is pleased to bring together five guest speakers with diverse perspectives on self promotion and marketing your work. Getting work in the Industry today relies heavily on the ability to sell yourself and your skills to your prospective clients and employees. Often this vital skill is overlooked. Developing a strong professional identity, self promotion and building your public image will help you in your efforts to locate and keep clients and attract interest to your projects.

Our guests bring knowledge and expertise from a wide variety of backgrounds including performance, theatre, animation, and education.

More about our Guest presenters:

Graeme Watson from the Film and Television Institute

Graeme is the Film and Television Institute’s Head of Training a role that involves assisting emerging filmmakers and digital artists. As a specialist in rapid learning, Graeme has a wealth of training and communication experience accumulated from over ten years in international business management. A Blogger for several years, in 2006 Graeme has been coordinating a research project on blogging between FTI and the ABC and is a regular contributor to a number of online and traditional media publications. Graeme will be discussing how to create a blog and developing online conversations.

Blogs and Websites Graeme contributes to include www.graemewatson.blogspot.com www.xmediawa.blogspot.com www.animoronic.blogspot.com and www.fti.asn.au

Kat Black from VJzoo

Jasper and Kat met at Art School, and have collaborated creatively since first meeting. Jasper had been studying Photography and Kat had been a practicing visual artist for around 8 years when they met and formed VJzoo in 2003. Given the lack of an active AV community in Perth, they became very active in networking online, and had their work featured in Festivals throughout Australia and overseas.

After their recent performances in Europe and the US they were described by the author of the VJ Book, Paul Spinrad, as being "influential and internationally-respected VJs with a rare, synergistic mix of expertise in painting, photography, graphic arts, and live video performance". They recently ran VJ workshops called "Painting With Light" for the Revelation Perth International Film Festival and Conference, and have been invited to run the workshops again at Electrofringe, as part of the "This Is Not Art" Festival in Newcastle.

They will talk of their experiences in developing an international profile through online communities, and their plans for the future. You can watch videos and read more about Kat and Jasper at their website http://VJzoo.com

Randall Lynton from Liquid Amber

Randall is an independent designer and animator specializing in production of engaging online content. After several years working for other companies, Randall established Liquid Amber Design in 2004, a creative agency offering a hybrid of film, art and design disciplines. Liquid Amber’s profile has grown considerably since it’s inception due to effective methods of self promotion through the Internet. The studio now boasts a number of internationally recognized clients such as Maybelline New York and Australian Idol.

Through Liquid Amber, Randall has created, produced and directed a number of internationally acclaimed short films such as ‘Suicidal Balloon’, winning Best Entertainment web site in the prestigious 2004 American Web Marketing Association Awards. Randall recently attended the Melbourne International Animation Festival to premiere, promote and present a lecture on his most recent award winning short film, Ransis & Alee. Randall will be speaking about the importance of self-promotion as an effective tool towards gaining exposure for yourself and your projects, particularly in relation to promoting short films.

Visit the Liquid Amber web site for some visual delights and animated treats: www.liquidamber.com.au

Melanie DeCull, Entertainment Publicist & Promoter from TAZ Publicity & Promotions

Melanie has been involved in theatre since the early age of 6, primarily as a performer and has been involved in both the community and professional sectors, and has won awards for both directing and performing. Melz has been directly involved in publicity since her early 20s, starting before the time of internet and email. She has been responsible for the publicity of many clubs, associations and businesses, including the Garrick Theatre Club, Goldfields Repertory Club, Kalgoorlie Blues Club, Unreel Film Club, Independent Theatre Association and BAR Promotions.

She has turned her hard working voluntary contributions into a professional business with TAZ Publicity & Promotions where she publicises and promotes both professional and community theatre and music events in both metropolitan and regional WA. She continues to work with BAR Promotions promoting Australian Blues and Roots Music internationally. This October she will be presenting an award at the coveted Blues Performer of the Year Awards in Melbourne.

For more information regarding this event, contact through www.wanimate.com

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