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Plug n Play @ LuxeBar

Weds 6th September 8-11pm

The Luxe Bar - purveyors of Perth's finest cocktails

Luxe Bar is at 446 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

After a few attempts at venues that just weren't right, we've finally found the right home for Plug n Play.

LuxeBar is a beautiful, lush and tasteful cocktail bar that looks like it should be in Melbourne.

Some of the graduates from our Painting With Light workshops came along, as did established VJs Roly Skender and Martin Sawtell from PixelJuice.

The first one was really more of a tech run, to make sure that everything's working OK, that we don't get in Luxe's way etc. For this reason, it wasn't really promoted at all outside our immediate circle, but at one stage there were about 20 people and about 7 laptops.

Given that it was a bit of a dry-run, we've come up with some conclusions for next time:

  • Because we can't get in before 7pm, we really don't want people to arrive til 8pm - gives us time to get set up, lay out cables and power for guests etc.
  • Before others are ready to play, we should use the time to show clips by some of our favourite VJs from around the world, as it was a bit boring for the first half hour with one loop on while we helped everyone get sorted with their Second Screen etc.
  • Bigger screen and multiple projectors would be better that one little roll-up screen. The projectors need to have a good short throw though, as the room's very narrow.
  • Live music by Cordata and KitPop was great. Definitely having at least one live audio act each time would be really good.
  • Would be great if we could get a Mac VJ involved, as we're now PC-only and we don't have Mac equipment to use.
  • We'll bring hubs and switchers so that people can leave themselves cabled in instead of us having to swap around cables all the time.
  • Have a booking timesheet where people put their name down for 15min blocks when they arrive.
  • Have Special Guests (experienced VJs and AV acts, local and touring) at 10pm for a 30-45min set.
  • We can start to promote it more widely. Will have some postcards printed up.
  • Luxe has damned good cocktails.

We're really pleased with how well it went. No major technical hassles, great venue, nice mix of people with experienced VJs helping out the newbs - just what we wanted!

"Ooh, it's a geekfest wrapped in red velvet!" said one attendee

Live musicians Cordata and KitPop provided the audio

Need a bigger screen. And more projectors.


copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook