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Somovaw CD Launch
17 March 2006

@ Heat Nightclub.

Electric Limosine opened, always an amusing 80's stage act.

Intrasonic followed, impressively playing musical-chairs - swapping instruments throughout to show their versatility. Having just completed a national tour, they had a very enthusiastic fan presence along to the gig. We wished the projector was going for their set (don't ask!) as it would have been fun to project vintage horror clips during their stage show. The band were all wearing black suits despite the godawful heat (is that how this nightclub got it's name?). I don't know if there's any tongue-in-cheek self-awareness about The Act, or if taking yourself VERY seriously has actually come back into fashion? I haven't seen it on this scale since about 1988. They're great at what they do though - check them out live and make up your own mind :)

The Resonance played third. Three gorgeous voices - always a pleasure to see them live, and their slick, smooth sound records well too. No wonder they've been featured on Ministry of Sound compilations. No pretentions, just a shitload of talent and professionalism. A tagline I'd put to them would be "It's all about the music".

The night belonged to Somovaw though. It was the launch of their new CD, Etherbye. We hadn't ever heard Somovaw's music until the day of the gig, and usually aren't big Trance fans but we'd heard very good things about their live performances. This proved to be true. Their performance was full of energy. If you like Trance, definitely try to get to a Somovaw gig. Hey, even if you're not particularly into Trance they're still worth checking out - we really enjoyed them.

Heat Nightclub's certainly not an ideal venue for projection, at least with the current set-up (a crumpled sheet hung high near the rafters, less than 2 metres wide). But apart from the truly crap projection facilities, it was a great gig.

Our lesson: Never agree to VJ in a venue you haven't worked in before on the day of the gig, nomatter how nice the people are. If another VJ bailed at the last minute, there was probably a good reason....

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