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Painting With Light 2006

is presented by

TDK Australia

Sat 15 & Sun 16 July 2006 - Northbridge (Revelation)
Sat 22 & Sun 23 July 2006 - Fremantle (Revelation)
OR Sat 30 Sept 2006 - Newcastle (Electrofringe)


Participants Feedback:

The VJ workshops in Northbridge and Fremantle went very well. Both The Projection Lounge and the Fly By Night Club were great venues and the feedback was all very positive. Participants had the chance to work live with musicians Cordata and KitPop, and dancer Ellen McCarthy. Some excellent work was produced by participants and will be authored to DVD, hopefully by the end of July.

Participants' comments on Feedback Forms from 2-day course at Revelation:

  • New approach to video - the live element
  • Manipulation with software to create meaning
  • The software itself - totally different to using Final Cut Pro
  • Hands on experience
  • Tips and tricks passed on by instructors
  • General VJ discussion and feedback on progress
  • Relaxed but efficient learning
  • Excellent and enthusiastic tutoring
  • Passion is a virtue
  • Well structured
  • Very positive
  • Hosting a premium of techniques to enhance the experience of VJing
  • Inspiration
  • Constant hands-on
  • Recording our own footage and using it.
  • Feedback on how to apply straight away and fix problems
  • Up to date material and processes
  • Lecturers were open and knowledgable
  • Well done, thanks very much guys
  • Working at the big table was great 4 interacting 2getha
  • Live musicians and local musical permissions and contacts
  • Being over 2 days was helpful for getting into it.
  • Lots of good help
  • Great space, loved the shared table
  • Your commitment and passion for VJing is infectious
  • Was great that audio elements were well covered
  • Much more confident and happy to be more original
  • I can deinterlace now, yay!
  • Learning how to setup the projection and Second Screen
  • If I ever want to VJ, now I know how
  • Thanks so much!
  • Hands on approach to equipment
  • Input of other community artists
  • Well presented reference materials / take home / DVDs of other works
  • Many thanks for your time & energy
  • Everything was just right!
  • Notes could be a tad more clearer - however very useful to follow (note: Kat improved the handbook and added an extra 10 pages with more screenshots for 2nd workshop, in response to this)
  • Technical help
  • Sharing with others/watching peers
  • Audio usage
  • Great selection of software provided
  • Well covered material
  • Good foundation and history
  • Much appreciate all your efforts + enthusiasm
  • Active experience
  • Being able to take away material + programs
  • Use your own footage and working through the stages from start to finish.
  • There was beer at the end.

From the short 4-hour version at Electrofringe:

  • Well organised handouts + software
  • Ease of use of Program
  • Future direction of VJ Movement interesting
  • Excellent overall.
  • Passion for subject - really got people excited by the possibilities
  • Knowledge base very wide- could respond to questions clearly and with authority.
  • Highly practical - can do, practice
  • Showed highlights of leaders in the field
  • Workbook and References clear, relevant, up-to-date, comprehensive.
  • Just brilliant - thanks so much
  • Demos of software
  • Hands-on experience
  • Great presenters
  • Thanks heaps, appreciate you freely sharing your knowledge!
  • Knowledgable lecturers
  • Interesting material
  • Hands-on.

Northbridge partipants hard at work at The Projection Lounge

Northbridge partipants still hard at work at The Projection Lounge

Kat doing a bit of lecturing at The Projection Lounge

Paul Elwin (aka Cordata) and Justin Elwin (aka KitPop) jamming live for partipants to VJ with.

Northbridge Workshop Participants + Presenters, from Left: Darren Smith; Michael Rautao (VJ Organic); Patrizia Nanni (VJ Trixee);, Andrea Myers (ravehamlet); Kat Black (half of VJzoo); Jasper Cook (other half of VJzoo); Cathy Gavranich (VJ ChiKiTroniX); Dr Leon Marvell (Dr Optik); Tiana Hunt (VJ Fatygrl); Carlo Tarabini (VJ Luce)

Fremantle Workshop Participants + Presenters, from Left: Shayley Blair (Flamingo Shangri-La); Marcus Wilson (VJ t3chn0l0gist); Kat Black (half of VJzoo); Sam Drennan (Samanta Ray); Jason Murtagh (VJ FuzzyDice); Jasper Cook (other half of VJzoo); Ursula Andinach (B.B. Roar)

VJzoo are grateful to our generous supporters:
TDK Australia
Film and Television Institute of WA Inc
ArtsWA - Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts
Plaza Digital - Best Service in Perth for Camera Video Computer
The Fly By Night Musicians Club - supporting WA Live Music for 20 years
Microcinema  International - the Art of the Moving Image
Government of Western Australia
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