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Painting With Light Workshops 2006

Painting With Light 2006

is presented by

TDK Australia

Sat 15 & Sun 16 July 2006 - Northbridge (Revelation)
Sat 22 & Sun 23 July 2006 - Fremantle (Revelation)
OR Sat 30 Sept 2006 - Newcastle (Electrofringe)


Software for Participants:

Is there anything I can do to prepare? Sure! Although don't install the Resolume trial as it's only 15 days, and you don't want it running out during the workshop.

You could download a fair few of these from the web, but for the convenience of workshop participants, we'll be giving you CDs to keep with all of the software you need for this workshop (and a whole lot more).

Wherever possible, we have sourced Freeware for you to use. Some commercial programs, however, are definitely worth the purchase price if you decide to get serious about Video Painting or VJing when you finish this workshop. For this reason, we've included a 15 day trial of Resolume, a program developed independently by two VJ/Programmers in the Netherlands.

The reason that we've mostly included software for PCs (and some of it will only run on Windows XP) is because the Freeware development community rarely use Macs and it's expensive to develop cross-platform (and these guys are doing the work for free...).

The Programs and other resources on the Workshop CDs include:

Things you'll use in the workshop

Free Trials of Commercial Software:

Resolume.com – (Fully-functioning 15 day trial of v2.0). VJ software for mixing clips, applying Freeframe effects. DO NOT LOAD THIS on your PC until the workshop, or you won't be making best use of the trial period. The online manual for Resolume is worth referring to - we won't have time to cover everything in one weekend.


VirtualDub.org – (v1.6) Basic linear video editing software. Very simple to use. You can apply effects, although at this stage it doesn't support Freeframe Effects. It's no real substitute for Premiere, Vegas or FinalCut Pro, but it's simple, useful and FREE. An older version, 1.5 will open and edit VOB files (ripped from DVD) so we'll also include that.

Exsate DV Capture - to digitise the video from your camera to avi www.exsate.com/download/

Ligos Indeo codec - we use the latest (commercial) version of this codec as it resizes footage well, and does a really good job of compressing footage while maintaining quality. Unfortunately, it only works on XP and the latest version costs money. An old version 5.1 was free, and is still available from www.free-codecs.com

Freeframe.org – despite the name, not all Freeframes are actually free. The ones we'll include, however, are. They'll work with Resolume, Wax, as well as mainstream programs like Premiere and After Effects. See the website for more details and instructions on how to use them with your favourite program.

Things you might use generally

Free Trials of Commercial Software:

Motion Dive - Mac or PC VJ software

Arkaos - Mac or PC VJ software

Livid Union - Mac or PC VJ software

GridPro - Mac-only VJ software from VidVox, can use Freeframes.

AVmixer Pro - Really straightforward Mac or PC VJ software. Also has a freeware AV Sequencer that's Mac or PC.

FlixPro - From On2 Technologies - great tool for vectorising video. Not cheap, but it's also really good for making video files into Flash format for serving on the web.

Wildform Presenter - Great screen capture, and can also be used like Powerpoint with an export to Flash format - ie, perfect for doing Flash format tutorials and other presentations for the web.


A DVD Ripping Program to be provided at workshop.

Midvid Codec - a free codec made by VJs for VJs. We tried it a long time ago and had a bit of trouble with it crashing Resolume, but haven't tried it with the current version of Resolume.

Jashaka.org – a freeware compositing program – sort of like After Effects. Works on PC, Mac and Linux.

Wax – a freeware compositing program – sort of like After Effects. http://www.debugmode.com/wax/

Picasa – Google's image editing and organising package from picasa.google.com

Gimp.org – Freeware graphics editing program – like Photoshop, only free.

OpenOffice.org – Freeware competitor of Microsoft's Office. Includes Writer (like Word), Impress (like Powerpoint), Calc (like Excel), and more.

Photocopier - Stick something on your scanner, hit a button and it comes out your printer. Easy! nicocuppen.com/download.php

FontViewer - I like Protaxis BestFonts, available from protaxis.com/products/bestfonts.html - very useful for categorising my fonts and finding them again.

Audacity - Free sound editor for Windows, Mac and Linux audacity.sourceforge.net

DVD Styler - DVD Authoring - dvdstyler.sourceforge.net/

ImgBurn - To burn CDs and DVDs (like Nero, but free and very reliable) - www.afterdawn.com/software/cdr_software/cdr_tools/imgburn.cfm

Virus Checker - in our experience, AVG works just as well as Norton and causes less problems. free.grisoft.com

UnzipThemAll - a Freeware unzipper that can unzip a range of zip formats including RAR.

VJ content:

Archive.org are THE resource for Public Domain and Open Source Videos. eg:

Open Source VJing - www.archive.org/details/opensource_vj

The Prelinger Archives - www.archive.org/details/prelinger

Please note that weblinks change quickly, and we won't be checking to keep this current after the workshop.

VJzoo are grateful to our generous supporters:
TDK Australia
Film and Television Institute of WA Inc
ArtsWA - Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts
Plaza Digital - Best Service in Perth for Camera Video Computer
The Fly By Night Musicians Club - supporting WA Live Music for 20 years
Microcinema  International - the Art of the Moving Image
Government of Western Australia
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