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Painting With Light 2006

is presented by

TDK Australia

Sat 15 & Sun 16 July 2006 - Northbridge (Revelation)
Sat 22 & Sun 23 July 2006 - Fremantle (Revelation)
OR Sat 30 Sept 2006 - Newcastle (Electrofringe)


Download Free Painting with Light Handbook linked from main page.

Details of Workshop:

Hands-on workshop to learn Video Painting / VJing / Live Cinema. Places are limited to a maximum of 12 per workshop to enable sufficient personal one-on-one assistance. Runs for two days.

Who is it for?
This workshop is aimed at painters who want to introduce the aspects of movement and time; film-makers who want to experiment with real-time improvisation and effects, and any other artists interested in exploring this exciting new medium.

You don't need to be a professional film-maker to participate. Just basic digital video skills, and being comfortable enough with computers to experiment is enough. You will need to bring your own video camera and a PC laptop running Windows XP (Sorry, most of the tools we use will work on a Mac- although email us if you're a Mac person and you really want to do it - we have a Plan B for Mac users). All software required will be supplied on CD. Some is Freeware, and some fully-functioning trial versions of commercial software. FAQs about technical requirements.

To shoot and create your own individual 'video paintings', which will be recorded to DVD and distributed to participants, sponsors and other interested organisations, Festivals and venues.

What's it about?
With the birth of Photography, art's role to literally document the visual world was challenged. Impressionism developed as one response to this. Monet would sit in his garden at Giverny painting the same scene over and over again to capture subtle changes in light and colour. As his sight slowly failed, his paintings became more abstract. He became more concerned with conveying feelings rather than capturing what could actually be seen.

How can these ideas be applied in a contemporary environment? Can we apply some of these same concepts to videography, to give a more painterly perspective to the humble Handycam?

An Australian invention in the 1980's, the Fairlight CVI (Computer Video Instrument), introduced real-time video effects processing, but it was prohibitively expensive and the effects were very gimmicky. Like most things IT, over the past two decades the possibilities of real-time video effects have improved dramatically, and the cost has come down to a consumer level. This has led to the development of VJing. We'll be using VJ tools and technology for this workshop, although in an Arts context. Examples of our Video Paintings can be downloaded from VJzoo.com.


"After" (plus free steak knives!)

The variety of effects possible with these tools and techniques is incredible. This is just one example, but we'll be encouraging you to explore and develop your own 'recipes' that look completely different to our pieces.

What's VJing?
"VJing is a type of performance that combines the visual possibilities of filmmaking with the improvisational pleasures of jazz".... from The VJ Book: Inspirations and Practical Advice for Live Visuals Performance by Paul Spinrad.

Although VJing is still relatively underground in Australia, in countries such as the UK it’s becoming quite high profile, including as an art form. It's evolved rapidly for a life outside of the Club scene in which it was born. You can read more about VJing on our page What Is VJing? where there are some links to others working in this field.

The relationship to music has been significant in the development of this artform, and we're pleased to have excellent local music to work with. WA Music has a lot more to offer than just Inde rock :)

Who's running it?
VJzoo.com are a VJ team consisting of Jasper Cook (VJ bunniboi) and Kat Black (VJ kattyb).

Although we produce works that are screened at Festivals and distributed on DVD in addition to our live performance, what we do is very different from traditional film-making as our creative process is very improvisational and non-narrative.

We met at Art School (Central TAFE). Jasper had been studying Photography and Kat had been a practicing visual artist for around 8 years and was returning to study to obtain a qualification to teach. Since meeting, almost all of our work has been collaborative – we jokingly called ourselves ‘Gilbert & Georgina’ at Art School.

Kat Black is 40 and her career as a visual artist goes back to 1996, see http://kattyb.com. She is also a published author/illustrator, see http://goldentarot.com. Kat has exhibited at some of Australia’s most established galleries, such as the Barry Stern Galleries in NSW and Gunyulgup Galleries in WA. She studied Multimedia at North Sydney TAFE in the late 1990’s, including short courses at MetroTV/AFTRS.

Jasper is a photographer as well as a video artist. Although only 23, he has already developed quite an extensive portfolio of work as a fine art photographer: http://jaspercook.com. Jasper had his first solo exhibition while still at school, and partly attributes his fascination with images to his dyslexia. He’s determined to express with both photography and video that which he has difficulty putting into words. Both Jasper & Kat completed the Diploma of Fine Art (New Media) at Central TAFE in 2003.

In addition to our work as a duo, we also work collaboratively on a wider basis. For example, we founded the collaborative Hybrid Arts project http://3minutes.net in 2004 and already joint 3minutes.net projects have been successfully exhibited and/or performed at a range of Arts Festivals throughout Australia, including being shortlisted for the Harries National Digital Art Award.

We have just returned from a tour of Spain and the US, where we performed our 'video painting' and other styles of VJing to enthusiastic audiences. You can see videos of these performances at our website: VJzoo.com/ev.htm

"The "Painting with Light" workshop is a wonderful idea, and Kat Black and Jasper Cook are just the people to run it - this is a great opportunity!

VJZoo / Kat and Jasper are influential and internationally-respected VJs with a rare, synergistic mix of expertise in painting, photography, graphic arts, and live video performance.

I'm sure that the workshop participants will be amazed to see the power they can have over visual imagery thanks to new technology, and it will set their minds spinning with countless creative ideas." - Paul Spinrad, author of The VJ Book

One Half-day Schedule (Newcastle for Electrofringe)

Sat 30 Sept 2006 - Newcastle (Electrofringe)

Day 1

  • Introduction, Show n' Tell – viewing examples of Video Painting and different effects.
  • Videoing around Newcastle for one hour in pairs
  • Convert to .avi format
  • Edit footage into clips.
  • Half an hour in the 'hot seat' per participant, improvising with their footage from Day 1

Two Full-days Schedule (Northbridge and Fremantle for Revelation)

Sat 15 & Sun 16 July 2006 - Northbridge (The Projection Lounge)
Sat 22 & Sun 23 July 2006 - Fremantle (Fly By Night Club)

Day 1

  • Introduction, Show n' Tell – viewing examples of Video Painting and different effects.
  • Videoing around Fremantle/Northbridge for one hour in pairs
  • Convert to .avi format
  • Edit footage into clips.
  • Homework: Play with the tools - work out some combinations that you like with your footage, so you can show off tomorrow.

Day 2

  • VJing with live electronic musicians
  • Video Studio with live dancer, experimenting with real-time live effects through VJ rig.
  • Workshop - half an hour in the 'hot seat' per participant, improvising with their footage from Day 1
  • Take home a DVD recording of your own work

You can download a printable handbill here. You can download a printable information sheet here. You can read it with Open Office, which is free! We'll be pointing you at a lot more Freeware during this workshop, too.

Note: A compiled DVD of all works will be produced within a week of completion of the second workshop. A copy will be sent to all participants, and screened either in a gallery or other public event. Consent for your work to be used in this way will be sought before commencement of the workshop.

VJzoo are grateful to our generous supporters:
TDK Australia
Film and Television Institute of WA Inc
ArtsWA - Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts
Plaza Digital - Best Service in Perth for Camera Video Computer
The Fly By Night Musicians Club - supporting WA Live Music for 20 years
Microcinema  International - the Art of the Moving Image
Government of Western Australia
copyright all material 2003 - present kat black & jasper cook