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Ian Corcoran - Projection onto TAFE Building for Artrage

Wednesday 19 October 2005 at the Central TAFE Building. Free event.

Melbourne-based Artist Ian Corcoran has been projecting onto such large local buildings as the Telstra Building (see below) as part of Artrage's Illuminosity event.

One of the buildings Ian will be projecting onto is the Central TAFE Building, where he'll be including some of our work - photographs taken with Toy cameras. See jaspercook.com for examples of our photos.

Ian's work is often collaborative. For these projections, he's using a huge Pani projector, which is the equivalent of 80,000 lumens! Unfortunately, it doesn't project video, only still images. Apparently a video projector head is available for the Pani, but it reduces the strength of the light projected considerably - and there isn't one in Australia anyway. So it seems video projection on the massive scale of these slide-projections is still some time away....

Ian Corcoran with one of his own works projected onto the Telstra Building in October 2005

Jasper & Kat with one of our Toy Camera images projected on the Central TAFE Building by Ian Corcoran

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook