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The Hybrid Collective
Friday 7th October

The members of the hybrid collective come together from very diverse musical backgrounds and scenes and even though we had crossed paths before it wasn’t until a chance meeting at the tsunami benefit concert at the Fremantle art centre that Simon, Balvinder and Alex were thrown together. The result was something amazing that cried out to be developed. Vickeshwaran joined the group shortly after and due to the cross pollination of musical styles involved, the group became known as the Hybrid Collective.

The music born through the Hybrid collective is a combination of ancient Indian melodies, crossed with flamenco and contemporary guitar grooves laid over a bed of African and Indian rhythms. The injections of flute, sax and vocals add flavour and complement this unique Hybrid sound. It is very much a representation of Perth multiculturalism and aims to integrate traditional music with modern styles to appeal to a wider audience. It aims to break through cultural and musical barriers and to lead a movement of new world music in Perth. The group hopes to soon Tour Australia.

On October 7th 2005 we are playing at KULCHA. Our last show at KULCHA in July (a smoke free venue) was sold out!

Members of the Hybrid Collective:

Alex Koresis - Drums/Percussion

Simon Perroni - Guitar

Adam Cousins - Saxophone

Balvinder Khaira - Sitar

Vickneswaran Ramakrishnan - Tabla


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