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Electrofringe 2005

19 August - 8 September 2005

Links2 curated by Dr Robyn Taylor

Showcasing the artists on staff at Central TAFE

Opening guest speaker - Neil Fernandes, Managing Director Central TAFE.

Artists in this show included: Drew Armstrong, Linda Banazis, Kat Black (me...), Jeremy Blank, Monique Bosshard Curby, Olga Cironis, Bob Colcutt, Greg Crowe, Mark Datodi, Predrag Delibasich, Selga Esots, Sam Farmer, Susan Flavell, Rina Franz, Indra Geidans, John Greeuw, Maggie Hayes, Paul Hutchins, Phyllis Kjellgren, Chris Maron, Louise Morrison Saunders, Robin Phillips, Peter Rucks, Alex Spremberg, Angela Stewart, Frank Wilkinson and Jurek Wybraniec

The work exhibited at this exhibition was "Views From a Moving Vehicle 1" which was exhibited on loop, displayed on a large Plasma screen (the first time our work has been exhibited on a screen, rather than being projected - and it looked surprisingly good) . See also our video painting section for more of this sort of thing.

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