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Retroactive Events

Yrs 8-12


Friday 16 September

Friday 21 October

Friday 18 November

Friday 16 December

See Retroactive site for all the details.

Visit the Retroactive Site for Forums, giveaways, mailing list etc.

friday 19 august at pcyc hq in midland

featuring DJ Sunil breaking an awesome mix of rnb, hip hop, dance and some harder stuff in conjunction with the winners of the DJ battle being held on Friday 5 August at the pcyc - full details of how to register are here

and the retrocrew will be putting together an awesome sound and lighting show with competitions, prizes and giveaways all night.

drinks + snacks will be on sale from the retrobar and you can even chill-out
with a game of pool!

don't miss out - we'll also giving away an MP3 player. full details on the

Venue: midland pcyc: 11 byers rd midland (venue ph. 9274 1918)

Tickets: just $8 @ door - BARGAIN!

Time: 7.00pm - 11.00pm

Remember… these events are all 100% alcohol, drug and smoke free. You can't leave and re-enter the venue during the event. Don't crowd surf – security will vote you out! Any bags will be checked on entry by professional security staff.

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook