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Winter Wonderland

Friday 20th May 2005

Kat's birthday party


Rug up warm for some winter fun. Wear your ski gear if you've got any.

We'll be showing snow-themed films and VJing on an outdoor screen.

There will be a fire, with mulled wine and soup to keep you toasty warm. Bring anything else you fancy to eat & drink.

If rain is forecast on the day, we'll change it to Saturday - give us a ring or drop an email to check if there's a last-minute day change. If it rains both days, we'll make the best of it and do what we can to provide shelter. May even tidy the house enough to let people indoors.

Weather Forecast as at Weds am - showers clearing Friday. Could still be a bit rainy, but as everyone says they prefer Friday will go ahead then regardless - and then if anyone turns up Saturday we can have an Apres=ski Party :D

Friends, students, work colleagues, neighbours... all welcome :)

If you're in with the in-crowd but don't know where we live, we're not about to post our addy on the web, but give us a call or email and if we know who you are, we'll tell you the address.

It's an early party - from 6pm to about 11pm. If we can survive that long without suffering from exposure. We may toss everyone out earlier if it's cold and we want to go to bed :P

Bring kids, or just act like one - there will be fake snow.

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook