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semikazi CD launch

We VJ'd at the following event on Saturday December 11th, 2004 at the Leederville Hotel.

Semikazi is a collective of Perth electronic musicians.

We will be VJ'ing throughout the evening to acts that don't have VJ'ing or other visuals as part of their performance.

7-8pm - CD industry listening party. VJ'ing by Bunniboi/VJ Thomo

8-8.30pm - Ele-mental (solo)

8.35-9.05pm - Krazie Kraze (band)

9.05-9.35pm - Bozo (solo)

9.40-10.10pm - The Resonance (band)

10.10-10.40pm - Audio Cephlon (solo)

10.45-11.15pm - MaxWell (band)

11.15-11.45pm - LD120/Lost (solo)

11.50-12.20pm - Rawbone (band-VJ)

12.20-12.50pm - Tomás Ford's Cabaret Of Death (solo)

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook